2.6L Duratec Stroker Kit


2.6L Stroker Kit N/AThis kit includes the following:Billet 4340VM 103.1mm Stroker Crank6.050" Ultra-Lite Billet Rods89.08mm (+.003" over), 89.5mm, 90m..

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2.6L Stroker Kit N/A

This kit includes the following:

Billet 4340VM 103.1mm Stroker Crank

6.050" Ultra-Lite Billet Rods

89.08mm (+.003" over), 89.5mm, 90mm, or 90.5mm Bore Ultra-Lite Domed Pistons

Nitrided Steel, napier, & low-tension rings

Std. Main Bearings

Std. Rod Bearings

89.08mm bore x 103.1mm stroke = 2570cc

89.5mm bore x 103.1mm stroke = 2595cc

90mm bore x 103.1mm stroke = 2624cc

90.5mm bore x 103.1mm stroke = 2653cc

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