Billet 62mm 2.5L Swap Cable Throttlebody

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***Taking pre-orders now!  Production will resume when we are allowed to return to our shop from the current "stay at home" orders.  Once th..

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***Taking pre-orders now!  Production will resume when we are allowed to return to our shop from the current "stay at home" orders.  Once the first batch is sold out, the price will go up to $449.99 and at that point the 20% off COVID19 discount will no longer be accepted on them!***

These billet throttlebodies were designed to fit a niche market and maximize performance.  When converting a Focus to a 2.5L Duratec, you have to convert the engine from DBW (drive by wire) to CAT (cable actuated throttle).  In the past people only had two options, either you had to adapt a 2L/2.3L Focus Duratec intake manifold onto the 2.5L engine with an aluminum adapter/ spacer, or adapt the 2.3L Focus Duratec throttlebody to the 2.5L engine.  Both of these options result in a functional option, but restrict performance of the 2.5L engine.  The 2.5L intake manifolds feature larger diameter runners that make more power than any of the 2L/ 2.3L manifold options.  Previously in order to run a cable actuated throttlebody on a 2.5L manifold (bolt patterns are different), you had to run a throttlebody adapter/ spacer.  The drawback to running the OEM cable actuated throttlebody is that these throttlebodies have a restrictive eyebrow built in that is designed to mellow out the off-idle throttle response but unfortunately also comes at the expense of much needed airflow at wide open throttle!  Also, an external idle air control (IAC) has to be added to the 2.5L engine because the 2.5L used drive by wire to modulate idle rpm but the Focus Duratec engines use a IAC to modulate the idle.  When using the throttlebody adapter you have to modify the throttle cable bracket and it's a tight fit for the intake tube due to the added thickness of the adapter.

Our Billet Pro-Series 62mm cable actuated throttlebody bolts directly onto the 2.5L Duratec OEM manifolds (both Mazda and Ford versions) and features built in provisions for a Focus IAC and TPS sensor so nothing additional has to be purchased.  Although these billet throttlebodies are 62mm vs the Focus' 63mm, our throttlebody outflows the Focus throttelbody!  All intake systems attach directly to our throttlebody just like they would on a OEM Focus throttlebody.

Includes throttle cable bracket and new fasteners!

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