Ford SOHC "Wide Round" tooth timing kit


Kit includes:(1) "Wide Round" tooth Adjustable Cam gear(1) "Wide Round" tooth intermediate shaft gear(1) "Wide Round" tooth crank gear(1) "Wide Round"..

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Kit includes:

(1) "Wide Round" tooth Adjustable Cam gear

(1) "Wide Round" tooth intermediate shaft gear

(1) "Wide Round" tooth crank gear

(1) "Wide Round" tooth timing belt

*** Make sure you order a crank pulley if you don't want to machine your crank pulley .240" shorter to work with the wide belt! ***

Recommended Accessories:

HD Timing belt tensioner

7" Billet Water Pump Pulley - Single Groove

Wide Round Tooth Single Groove 4" Crank Pulley

Crank Woodruff Key

Crank Guide Plate

Billet Aluminum Intermediate Shaft Washer

Billet Aluminum Cam Pulley Washer

Accessory Belt 

*** These pulleys and timing belt do not interchange with the standard OEM round tooth parts The wide belt kit uses a timing belt with a slightly different tooth pattern which requires a different tooth profile on the pulleys.***

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