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***** Call or e-mail for actual pricing with the options you require *****  (909) 539-0544  brian@esslingeracing.comOur Timingbelt Conversio..

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***** Call or e-mail for actual pricing with the options you require *****  (909) 539-0544  brian@esslingeracing.com

Our Timingbelt Conversion (TBC) was designed to increase reliability of high-RPM Duratec engines.  For years people have struggled with timingchain/ tensioner/ chainguide issues on engines that run above 8,000rpm.  This kit replaces the entire timingchain cam drive set-up with an ultra-reliable and proven timingbelt set-up.  We have quite a few options to tailor the kit to your engine's exact requirements.

Our billet aluminum cam gears feature our unique lightweight design with a belt guide on the back side of the exhaust cam gear, and a removable belt guide on the front side of the intake cam gear.  Both cam gears feature an adjustment range of +/- 10deg to allow for easy cam degreeing.  The cam gears are designed to work with non-VCT cams and are held in place with the included ARP 12pt bolts.

Our kits include the following:

Billet block cover

Billet head cover

Adjustable intake cam gear

Adjustable exhaust cam gear

3 cam/ crank seals (installed in block and head covers)

Crank Mandrel

Crank timingbelt gear

Timingbelt idler

Timingbelt tensioner

ARP 12pt mounting hardware

Triggerwheel with matching belt guides pinned on it

Guideplate for TDC marking (goes behind crank gear on mandrel)

Waterpump pulley

1in. wide 23 tooth HTD drysump gear (fits crank mandrel)

2.9" diameter 6-rib crank pulley (fits crank mandrel)

3pcs 5mm x 40mm Crank Keys (one for crank, 2 for mandrel)

Optional equipment:

Valvecover (modified OEM or billet)

Reverse Cooling Kit (includes billet relocated waterpump housing, Water inlet fitting for front of head, -12AN Brown & Miller lightweight PTFE water hose from waterpump housing to fitting in front of head, and reverse rotation waterpump impeller)

Duratec Engine Options:

Because there are two different block heights used in the Duratec engine family we need to know if you have a 2L (short Deck) engine, or a 2.3/2.5L (Tall Deck) engine so that we can supply a front cover for the block that is the correct height.

Coolant Flow Path Options:

We offer our timingbelt conversions in two different styles.  One style works with engines that have a standard waterpump (we recommend the 2.3L Ecoboost waterpump for this style of cooling system), and utilize the standard coolant inlet on the intake side of the block, and have the coolant exit the engine from the rear of the cylinderhead.  The second style (Reverse cooling) is designed for improved packaging in midget racing applications.  The Reverse Cooling conversion maintains the coolant inlet on the intake side of the block but through the use of our billet waterpump housing and an external line coolant is fed into the engine through the front of the cylinderhead and exits the block on the exhaust side of the rear cylinder.  We only recommend the Reverse Cooling option for engines that run on methanol fuel, and never for use with gasoline or E-85 burning engines.  You can run both styles of timingbelt conversion on methanol, but only the standard coolant path kit on gas or E-85.

Oil Pan Flange Type Options:

We offer our billet front block covers with two options on how to seal against the oilpan.  Standard type oilpans seal against the back of the front timing cover so we offer billet block covers for our timingbelt conversion with provisions to seal against the front of the oilpan.  We also offer the billet block covers that have been shortened to work with flat oilpans like we use on our F2 & BMARA midget engines.

Block Modification Options:

Most of our timingbelt conversion are used on engines that are run sitting upright.  On these upright engines, the bulge in the oilpan rail doesn't cause many fitment issues.  But when the engine is installed with a "lean" towards the intake side, the bulge in the oilpan rail sticks down below the rest of the block.  We modify the blocks on our midget engines so that they don't have the bulge on the intake side pan rail which allows our customers to run their engine lower in the chassis without it hanging out the bottom of the car.  These blocks that have been machined require a front cover that has also been machined to match so that it doesn't hang down below the block.  We only offer the block covers for modified blocks with our "flat oilpan flange" option since the whole reason for modifying the block in the first place is to reduce the distance the engine sits below the crank centerline.

Triggerwheel Options:

We offer 3 different tooth patterns on the triggerwheels for our timingbelt conversions.  The three options are 12 minus 1, 36 minus 1, and 60 minus 2 tooth patterns.  All the triggerwheels are 4 inch in diameter, and .188" thick.  The missing tooth is positioned at TDC so that the crank sensor mount (not included) can be positioned where needed to suit your engine management system's requirements.  Electromotive ignition systems require the sensor be mounted inline with the trailing edge of the 11th tooth before the missing tooth. 

Valvecover Options:

We sell our timingbelt kits without a valvecover, with a modified OEM Aluminum Valvecover (ceramic coated black with laser etched Esslinger logo), or with on of our billet valvecovers (anodized black with laser etched Esslinger logo).  The optional billet valvecovers are available in two different versions.  One version has no cam sensor bung, and is setup for an external coilpack with sparkplug wires (we use this style on our midget engines).  The other version has provisions for an OEM type cam sensor and coil-on-plug (works with both Ford 2-wire and Mazda 3-wire coils) provisions.  The modified OEM valvecover uses a modified OEM gasket set and features a blocked off oil fill port along with a drilled & tapped PCV vent (-8AN ORB).  The billet covers use .103" thick o-ring cord to seal against the head and front cover and has no provisions for external venting.  None of the valvecovers we offer for the timingbelt conversion have provisions for VCT or oil fill. 

Available separately:  For those engine builders that fabricate their won oilpans, we offer 3/8" thick aluminum oilpan flanges in two styles for use with our timingbelt conversion kits.  One style is for an unmodified block (still has the oilpump bulge), and the other style is for use with modified blocks (no oilpump bulge).

*** Due to the various options, it may take us a short period of time to gather all the components to assemble a timingbelt conversion to suit your requirements.***

***** Call or e-mail for actual pricing with the options you require *****

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