Stage 3 Ecoboost Shortblock


Our Christmas Special pricing is $1164.21-off of our normal price and includes shipping within the 48 contiguous states!  Christmas Special prici..

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Our Christmas Special pricing is $1164.21-off of our normal price and includes shipping within the 48 contiguous states!  Christmas Special pricing is limited to a total of 3 shortblocks, and only if purchased by December 31, 2022!

These shortblocks have an actual displacement of 2264cc (2.3L).  We take the same level of attention to detail and care when assembling each shortblock as we do our World Record holding engines. Check out the parts list.  All of our Ecoboost shortblocks are based around upgrading from the weak 2.3L Ecoboost block to the much stronger 2L TS block, and filling it with a keyed crank, stronger rods, improved tri-metal bearings, our Esslinger-spec Racetec pistons, and Total Seal rings.

As with all our shortblock, and complete engine offerings, we start with a brand new block, inspect it for imperfections, dimensions, or damage, before completing the following modifications:

Tap front and rear oil galleys for -8AN O-ring plugs

Tap intake side oil galley for -4AN O-ring plug

Surface Block deck square to crank centerline

Install new main girdle hardware 

Align hone main tunnel to size as needed

Install a Tool Steel head stud kit and torque plate (headstud kit hardware available separately)

Torque Plate Hone cylinders to the correct surface finish & clearance for our 3.448" (87.578mm) bore 2.3L Ecoboost pistons

Debur all interior and exterior surfaces

Preliminary wash to remove machining chemicals & chips (not to replace final wash before assembly)

Measure all critical dimensions as Quality Control (bore, deck height, main housing bore dia., & cylinder surface finish)

Install new heater hose elbow above water inlet (** We can plug this port on engines without a thermostat**)

Includes all new head and bellhousing dowels

Includes new piston squirters

Includes all new threaded oil galley plugs

Includes custom fit Tri-metal race series main & rod bearings

Includes keyed, and balanced 94mm stroke forged crank

Includes Billet I-beam rods with ARP bolts

Includes custom Esslinger-spec Racetec pistons with upgraded HD wristpins

Includes custom Esslinger-spec Total Seal AP Gapless & napier ring sets

Includes keyed timingchain gear

Includes keyed crank damper

The Stage 3 Ecoboost Shortblocks ordered as part of our 2022 Christmas Special will be shipped on or before January 20th, 2023.  We have enough parts on hand to assemble 3 shortblocks quickly and efficiently.

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